What College Coaches Are Looking For

Now that I’ve spent two years in college, I can really see what our coaches love in some of our players, and what they wish they could change.  My freshman year I was doing outfield drills with the other outfielders and our coach got pissed because one of our guys complained about how we do the same drill over and over.  The coach told this guy, who was a junior at the time, that they recruited him because they thought he was a hard nosed, tough dude who would be able to lead the team.  He continued to say, in front of everyone, that he doesn’t know if he was even worth his scholarship since he’s always complaining and isn’t the tough guy they recruited.  Not once did he say anything about his skills.  He wasn’t one of our better players and the coach never made mention of that which he easily could have done.

Yes, coaches care about how well you play, I’m not saying that’s not important… because it obviously is.  Be real with yourself, if you’re a division two recruit right now, I am telling you.  If you are tough, hard nosed, you hustle on and off the field, don’t let anything rattle you, and just play your best baseball, scouts WILL notice and they will give you a chance at the division one level.

I first got seen at a tournament in Arizona, and I truely believe that the way that I played at that tournament got me recruited.  Something got into me and even though it was a hundred plus degrees, I was hustling all over the place and was extremely enthusiastic; into the game from the first out to the last.  Not only that, and probably more importantly, your coach knows what kind of player you are, and no matter how chummy you are with him, he’s not going to put his reputation on the line for you.  If you want your coach to say good things about you, prove to him that you deserve it.  My scout team coach knew I was one of the harder working players on our team and I know he told every coach he talked to.  That goes a LONG  way coming from a well trusted coach.

My senior year, I had already committed and my scout team had a banquet.  My future college coach was the keynote speaker.  He talked about a player he had and in what ways he was a great player to have as a coach.  Not because he’s their best player but because he knows that he never has to worry about how hard he’s working.  College coaches have a LOT on their plate; if you can take the edge off for them, then they’ll love you.  Work your butt off and they know you’re reaching your maximum potential and there’s not much more they need to do for you.  Get good grades and they won’t have to worry about you in the classroom, in fact, players who get good grades are making their coaches look better without the coach having to do anything… they love that.


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