How to get a more Powerful Swing

First of all, where does power come from?

It all starts in your legs.

       Buster Posey                  Albert Pujols                    Kris Bryant

As you can tell, there are different ways to effectively load, but the point of these pictures is to see how, for all three of these players, there is a lot of weight that starts in their back leg.  The power that comes from that back leg and the transfer of that energy is what makes up almost all of the power in a good swing.

Efficiently transferring energy (heel touch).

Buster Posey               Albert Pujols                Kris Bryant

This is right before heel touch, as you can tell they are all fairly similar.  The power is moving from the legs slowly to the hips.  The power is all in the hips at contact which we will get to next.

Obviously squats are the primary form of strengthening your legs, but people often forget about the hamstrings.  And wouldn’t you know it, strained hamstrings are one of the most frequent forms of injury at the college and major league level.  Here is a great video for a hamstring workout you can do at home.  Also, explosive lateral movement exercises are necessary as this kind of movement is where a lot of power is generated.

There are resistance bands out there that are made to go around your legs and ankles that can increase the power in your legs and hips.  These bands are good for strengthening for power and can help your running speed.  These bands are being used constantly at the college and professional level.


For a good instructional video click here and here.


Efficiently transferring energy (contact point)

Buster Posey                Albert Pujols                      Kris Bryant

At this point the energy has moved up through the hips and through the core and the arms.  The stronger your forearms, wrists and hands are, the less energy will be lost at contact point.  If you’re weak there the bat head will give on contact and the ball will come off the bat a lot slower.  You should not feel like the ball slows your swing down at all.  If you do, you need to work on your arms and core.  In high school I brought a small hand/ forearm strengthening device to school every day and worked on my grip strength.



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