The Hype Around the Backspin Tee

Seemingly out of nowhere someone has decided that the conventional tee is no good and went and made a brand new design and it has exploded.  So what’s all the hype about?  If you have read or heard anything at all about the tee then you know that the purpose is essentially to stop players from hitting ground balls.

Normal tees cover up the bottom of the ball which is where you need to hit in order to get some lift.  I know a lot of younger players can get away with hitting the ball on the ground, but as you get older, the infielders get more range and make less mistakes.  So why not fix the problem before it becomes a problem?

Recently our college team bought a backspin tee and our coach loves having us use it.  About half the players like the tee and half the players don’t.  The only thing negative I have to say about the tee is that the ball comes off the bat slower because the ball has to be held up by the tee so there’s some friction slowing the ball down.  That and the fact that it’s different than what they’re used to, these are the only negative things I have heard about the tee.

That being said, the tee does everything it’s supposed to do.  It teaches you how to hit balls with backspin.  More importantly, when your swing gets too long and you wrap around the ball, you can tell.  Since the tee is on top, you can feel the bat hit the tee and the ball is forced down more than it would normally go.  It feels absolutely terrible, but it lets you know when your swing is getting too long.  Normal tees don’t reveal any flaws in your swing like the backspin tee does.




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