Summer Ball for High School Grads in California

Summer is when baseball thrives the most for kids who are still in high school or younger.  There is no school, the weather is nice and you have all the time in the world to play as much baseball as you can.

For high school graduates, the story can be a little different.  D1 ball players usually don’t have a hard time finding somewhere to play, but it’s still a tougher time.  To find a good league, they often have to travel across the nation and stay with a host family.  I’ve heard of a couple good leagues in California, but considering how many guys play baseball, there’s not enough.

For all the junior college guys, there needs to be more places where guys can stay home and play 40-50 games over the summer without having to worry about traveling or a place to stay.  There is a need for this, so the point of this blog post is to try and get someone to start thinking about a way to put something like this together.

This is for anyone who would like to help put a league like this together, exclusively for Junior College guys trying to go to a four year school on a scholarship.  I know that something like this would do a lot of good things for not only the players but also for the community.  If this were done well, the games could turn into revenue and there would be something in it for people running the league as well as the players.  If enough coaches would get involved, and people were to step into positions of power on each team, recruitment would be easy.  We could bring scouts to come out to see these players and money could be made at these baseball games.


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